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Our comprehensive business management modules have been designed to resolve the problems you need help with to be successful.  We can assist any aspect of your business from product lifecycle management, digital asset management, product approval, contract management, royalty reporting and licensing management.  No matter how complex your situation is our suite of intelligent and intuitive PLM modules can help.  

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ContractPort™ is our online Contract Management and Royalty Accounting tool.  It's value is in the monitoring of approved SKU's which are validated against licensee sales along with dynamic royalty reporting to ensure that what is sold, was actually approved for sale.  Brands, licensees, manufacturers leverage it's capabilities to reconcile contractual obligations and financial performance to elevate your value as a partner.  Your choice of a fully configurable version or feature rich standard version.


  • Quickly enter new contracts based on custom templates

  • Capture and review all legal and business terms, no matter how complex

  • Automatically reconcile reports to measure contractual obligations and exceptions

  • Customizable dashboard for at-a-glance data

  • Customize and configure business reports that can be tailored to needs and audiences

  • Edit, create, and update without need to wait for 3rd party programming

  • Integrated with ProofTrak, our Online Product Approval and Tracking System

Department Use

  • Licensing: exclusivity, non-exclusivity, categories, channels, domestic territories, International territories, master licenses, distributors, tiered royalties, MGRs, advances, automatic triggers, renewals, terminations, amendments, permissions, sponsorships, 3rd party talent, agencies, collaborations

  • Manufacture: factory, sourcing, materials, social compliance, factory audits, 3rd party logistics, 3rd party product testing

  • Sales: retail agreements, vendor agreements, advertising consignment, concession, returns, sell-offs, pricing

  • Marketing: agencies, retail advertising commitments, Co-op advertising, sponsorships, events, research, focus groups

  • Legal / Finance: budgets, P&L, royalties, audits, forecasting analytics, reporting, trademark registration, insurance

Introduction Video

ProofTrak™ is our automated online Product Approval and Tracking System which manages submissions and approvals for products, marketing, and business briefs that link comments, notations, and action items to insure compliance and accountability.  Your choice of a fully customizable version or feature rich standard version.


  • Eliminate emailed, or parceled submissions that get lost or overlooked

  • Automatically alert those in the process for action

  • Insure accountability with displays of next steps of the process

  • Track all status levels for all stages of process through at-a-glance dashboard

  • Enter and submit as collections and as one-offs

  • Configure workflows in real time without the need for programmers

  • When integrated with ContractPort, you will enjoy 2-way data population and reconciliation

Department Use

  • Licensing: products, packaging, marketing, designs, prototypes, pre-production, proofs, advertising, creative briefs

  • Manufacture: PLM process, design, sourcing, compliance, testing, audits, VAS, packaging, logistics, fulfillment

  • Sales: private label products, OEM projects, Plan-o-grams, retail presentations, sell-sheets, retail POP

  • Marketing: campaigns, packaging, advertising, agencies, sponsorships, events, displays, retail-specific POP and advertising

  • Legal / Finance: Report reconciliation, contract adherence, proper use of Trade Mark

MerchTrak™ is our automated online Retail Merchandising Compliance System.  Reporting of actual store fixtures, temporary displays and product assortments as outlined by to plan-n-grams.  Confirm in-store execution via mobile device.  


  • Direct connection from retail floor to merchandising teams

  • Timely floor sets and refreshes increase store sales

  • Insure that POP shipped to the store is received

  • Confirm that Merch kits are set up in accordance to the brand and sales strategy

  • Allow merchandising by field sales, 3rd party merchandising companies, or floor staff

  • Dynamic Reporting to measure compliance

  • Bulletin board function allows for specific and timely information to stores

  • Repository for training videos

  • Point to point connection between stores and merchandising team

Department Use

  • Marketing: measure compliance, merchandise campaigns, advertising, agencies, sponsorships, events, displays, retail-specific POP

  • Merchandising: measure compliance, merchandise campaigns, advertising, agencies, displays, retail-specific POP

  • Sales: Measure compliance to sales by store, region and territory

StudioTrak™ provides an efficient means of following the progress of a product from prototyping to photography to pre-press production to visual samples. The depth of functionality in this software makes it a great planning and scheduling tool as well. When combined with MediaPort™ it allows samples to be easily flowed into its database library.


  • Password protected workflows

  • Auto-triggered alerts avoid delays

  • Configurable for each product/category

  • Transparency, accountability, timelines

Department Use

  • Manufacture: can specify features and benefits of the product

  • Sales: on the fly custom catalogs or presentations by retailer, channel ,territory, assortment

  • Marketing: create seasonal layouts and message and insure current imagery and data

OrderPort™ is our automated online Order Management System for internal purchasing departments or in a B2B function for product and marketing support. Close sales more frequently with hard-core assortments and pricing per user.


  • Online or offline functionality

  • Place orders quickly through intuitive user experience

  • Avoid backorder status through real-time accurate inventory updates

  • Complete orders in comfort by using online forms or downloadable forms

  • Receive sales reports to better forecast your future needs

  • Configurable workflows for order approval

  • Real-time inventory and open order support

  • Integrates with EDI systems

  • When paired with Catalog Wizard, automatically create order forms linked to catalogs

Department Use

  • Licensing: field sales support, inventory, replenishment, B2B sales, B2C sales

  • Manufacture: proper production placement, accurate inventory levels

  • Sales: EDI orders, retail backorder avoidance, replenishment, B2C sales, sell-off strategies

  • Marketing: in-store display ordering, POP ordering, seed sample fulfillment

  • Legal / Finance: working capital, COGS, carrying costs

CatalogWizard™ is our automated online Catalog Builder System that uses the templates you choose to deliver a professional quality catalog in minutes that is current and specific to your customer. When combined with our OrderPort™ product you can also include current pricing and availability while placing your orders from the field.


  • Export in digital and print formats

  • Quicker catalog completion that can be exported in user-friendly formats (print, internet, etc)

  • Users, based on permissions, can specify assortments, order, descriptions and imagery

  • Licensees, distributors, and subsidiaries can create on-brand and current collateral

  • Users, based on permission, can edit data per retailer, channel, or territory for differentiation

  • Re-order, categorize, build on the fly

  • Configure by channel, territory, product

  • Enhance drag and drop capabilities, and speed of completion when paired with MediaPort

  • Customize metadata related to entries

Department Use

  • Licensing: on-brand catalogs, presentations and sell sheets for their own categories

  • Manufacture: can specify features and benefits of the product

  • Sales: on the fly custom catalogs or presentations by retailer, channel ,territory, assortment

  • Marketing: create seasonal layouts and message and insure current imagery and data

  • Legal / Finance: can reconcile sales reports to appropriate season, can confirm trademark first use

MediaPort™ is our DAM (Digital Asset Management) system that can replace numerous and splintered file sharing platforms.  Access is password protected and the interface is customizable to your requirements.  Ideal for licensors, vendors and distributors.


  • Eliminate sharing of proprietary information on unsecured or private file sharing platforms

  • Control what is shared, and by whom, for greater control over your brand

  • Assign unique permissions as to what can be seen and by whom

  • Create libraries of assets to benefit your clients’ needs

  • Enhance drag and drop capabilities when you pair MediaPort with Catalog Wizard and/or ProofTrak

Department Use

  • Licensing: access to brand standards, style-guides, art assets, seasonal colors/patterns, share designs

  • Manufacture: tech packs, patterns, material swatches, color boards, design direction

  • Sales: sales presentations, plan-o-grams, assortment plans, order forms, catalogs

  • Marketing: art assets, advertising art, style guides, brand standards, display art, POP order forms, photography

  • Legal / Finance: templates, boilerplates, registrations, scanned contract